What Ham Radio Operators Do.

Just a few examples of what Ham Radio operators do...


Make friends all over the world.

A hiker in the mountains of Northern California, a military pilot crossing over Greenland, and a sheep farmer in New Zealand are just a few examples of the interesting people you might encounter “on-the-air” through amateur radio.


Hands-on Radio Experimentation

For the technically minded, Amateur Radio provides unique opportunities to experiment with, design, build and implement radio electronics and antennas.  Some of the leaders and innovators in electronics and computer technology have been ham radio operators.


Provide Public Service

Ham radio operators have a distinguished history of community service, especially in times of natural disaster and other emergencies.  As an amateur radio operator, you can participate in severe weather spotting "nets", provide communications during community events, and assist in emergency communications through organizations like the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES).  Following a disaster, hams often provide the only communications links to the outside world.


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