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Skywarn Reporting

As we continue to look for more net control operators for Skywarn events, please keep in mind the following requirements for event reports.

There are 2 primary groups that we conduct the Skywarn net for:

  1. Midland County Emergency Services coordinator, and
  2. National Weather Service

Severe Weather reporting criteria for the NWS are;

  • Tornadoes
  • Funnel Clouds
  • Waterspouts
  • Hail: 1/2 inch or larger
  • Wind gust over 40 mph (leaves striped from trees)
  • Flooding that threatens property or covers roads

Midland County includes all of the above and;

  • Downed lines of any kind
  • Obstructed roads
  • Limbs or trees down

When reporting please remember to give the closest cross streets an/or the street address, and the city or township. For some reason the NWS can't figure out where Homer and M-20 is unless you tell them Homer Township. We also talked about net etiquette. We will activate an informal net when the NWS has place the county under a weather watch and sever wx in an adjacent county. During this time we will take net check-ins and allow general discussion of what is expected.

When sever wx is observed or a severe wx warning is issued the net will go to a formal mode where only the reporting criteria listed above should be reported. No additional check-ins will be asked for. If you have not checked-in but observe severe conditions please do not hesitate to call net control.

Do not tie up the net to relay what you have seen on TV, Radar, or heard on the radio. This information is already available to the reporting agencies.

Remember to keep your reports short. If we need more detail than you pass on in the initial report we will ask for it. There may be others that have severe wx to also report.

Thanks for all of your help and cooperation during the Skywarn events.

John Wolters, W8QN

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