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The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for amateur radio, connecting hams around the U.S. with news, information and resources.
  1. Participation in ARRL Centennial On-the-Air Events Exceeds All Expectations

    Attendance at the ARRL’s on-the-air Centennial celebration in 2014 was through the roof! Approximately 3.5 million contacts were recorded for W1AW portable operations and the Centennial Points Challenge during the Centennial QSO Party last year.

    “The Centennial QSO Party was a huge success, and participation was way greater than anyone anticipated it would be when we were in the planning stages,...

  2. March Issue of The American Legion Magazine to Feature Amateur Radio
  3. The K7RA Solar Update

    Average daily sunspot numbers for the January 22-28 period rose from 61.9 on the previous seven days to 89.1. Average daily solar flux rose from 126.2 to 136.8 over the same period.

    There were two new sunspot regions on January 22, another one on January 23 and again on January 25, four more on January 26, another two on January 28 and one more on January 29.

    The average daily solar flux for the ...

  4. SSTV Transmissions Scheduled from the International Space Station

    The Russian Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) team plans to activate slow-scan television (SSTV) from the ISS on Saturday January 31, and on Sunday, February 1. The anticipated SSTV mode will be PD180 on 145.800 MHz with 3-minute off periods between transmissions.

    Twelve different images will be transmitted during the operational period. This is the second series of pictur...

  5. School Club Roundup is February 9-13!
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