Welcome to MARC

W8KEA is the Amateur Radio call sign assigned to the Midland Amateur Radio Club (MARC) by the Federal Communications Commission.  MARC, established in 1948, holds monthly meetings of its 70+ members at 7:30 pm on the first Thursday of every month at the Salvation Army Building, 330 S. Waldo Rd., Midland, Michigan.  MARC is dedicated to the support of the Amateur Radio community in the Midland area, to providing public service and emergency communications to the community and to educating the public in all aspects of Amateur Radio.  MARC provides communications support for community events such as the annual Dow Run and the MS Walk on a completely voluntary basis.  MARC also works closely with the Midland County Department of Emergency Services, the Red Cross and the Salvation Army to provide voluntary emergency communications support in times of emergency, disaster or severe weather event.  MARC offers classes to anyone interested in earning an Amateur Radio License. 

MARC also offers examination sessions so you can take your FCC examination here in Midland.  MARC members lead the Amateur Radio Club at the Northeast Middle School and an Amateur Radio Club at Midland High School.

Interested in knowing more about Amateur Radio?  Come on down to our next meeting.  Everyone is welcome and we would be happy to get to know you.  You can also check out the American Radio Relay League web site at www.arrl.org

What is Amateur Radio?

Amateur Radio is also known as “Ham Radio”. Amateur radio operators use radio to talk to other “ham” operators in far-off lands (even in outer space, as most astronauts are also ham operators). They build their own radio stations, complete with state-of-the-art equipment and antennas. Hams assist their communities by providing radio communications during public events as well as natural disasters and emergencies. Ham radio appeals to all walks of life. At any given time “on the air” you’ll find doctors, lawyers, journalists, engineers, even senators and kings eager to make new friends using their self-made radio stations.

Want to be a Ham?

Get your own FCC license and call sign.

To transmit using your own station, you need to obtain a license from the Federal Communicaitons Commission (FCC).  We offer license classes and one-on-one mentoring for anyone wishing to get their amateur radio license.  Let the club help you get your “ticket” and your very own FCC call sign.  For more information contact Lee at KC8ITI@arrl.net

What Ham Radio Operators Do.

Just a few examples of what Ham Radio operators do…

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